Navigating the Spanish Property Market: 5 Key Differences from the UK

The allure of Spain’s sun-kissed shores, rich culture, and delectable cuisine has long drawn property seekers from across the globe, including those from the UK. While the process of buying a house in Spain shares some similarities with its UK counterpart, there are also some key differences to be aware of.

1. Legal Framework: A Notarial Affair

In the UK, the conveyancing process is handled by solicitors, while in Spain, it’s the notaries who take center stage. These legal professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the legality and transfer of property ownership. They also handle the preparation of contracts, tax payments, and registration at the Land Registry.

2. Taxation: A Different Take on Stamp Duty

Stamp duty, the tax levied on property purchases, differs significantly between the two countries. In the UK, stamp duty rates are tiered based on the purchase price, while Spain’s property transfer tax (ITP) is a regional affair, with rates varying across the country.

3. Surveys: A Less Rigid Approach

In the UK, comprehensive property surveys are often considered essential, but in Spain, surveys are not as widely used. While some buyers opt for surveys, many rely on their own assessments or seek advice from local builders or architects.

4. Deposits: A Sign of Intent

In both the UK and Spain, a reservation deposit is usually required to secure a property. However, in Spain, this deposit, typically around 10% of the purchase price, carries more weight. It serves as a legally binding agreement between buyer and seller, making it harder to withdraw from the purchase without penalty.

5. Timescales: A More Relaxed Pace

The pace of buying a house in Spain tends to be more leisurely compared to the UK. While the process can be completed within a few months, it’s not uncommon for it to take longer, especially during peak seasons or due to bureaucratic hurdles.

Nido Estates: Your Guide to a Smooth Spanish Property Journey

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